The Other Atlantis: Hidden in plain sight Carthage and the Roman Holocaust




It was the biggest and richest civilization in the Mediterranean and spread trade, science, and advanced agricultural techniques throughout the then-known world.

Then it disappeared.

We know what happened and we know where it went, but what few know is the painstaking efforts Rome took to not only destroy Carthage, but also to erase it from the historical record.

They succeeded.

What do you know about Carthage and its massive contributions to human civilization?

Probably not much.

You probably know that there was a guy named Hannibal and he crossed the Alps with some elephants and successfully battled Roman armies. You probably also know that Rome won the Punic Wars against Carthage and destroyed its capital in what is now the nation of Tunisia.

What you don’t know is how they completely and deliberately obliterated any trace of Carthage and its countless accomplishments.

Question: If a civilization as important as the civilization of Ancient Greece, Rome or Egypt could be so thoroughly erased from human memory that even though we know it existed, we know nothing about it but Roman propaganda, what other basic historical “facts” of human history have been completely distorted and obscured?