The Diana Conspiracy




This was the first documentary broadcast in the UK or anywhere in the world that thoroughly examined the allegations that Diana had been murdered. It was first broadcast on 4 June 1998, less than a year after Diana’s death.

Reporter Martyn Gregory uncovered so much evidence that discredited Mohammed Fayed’s claims that he could not put all of it into this documentary. As a result, the following year he published his book “Diana: the Last Days” to rave reviews.

In the first part of the documentary, Gregory outlines the growth of the conspiracy theories in the first year after the crash and how they have been propagated by Mohammed Fayed. We are given an introduction to key evidence beginning with the chauffeur who brought up the Mercedes from the garage for the fatal journey. Conclusive evidence that Henri Paul was drunk is provided by the Ritz Hotel barman who served him two Ricards and was ordered to lie about this. Appearing in this section is the American journalist Thomas Sancton who wrote one of the first books objectively examining the crash and, unsurprisingly, found there was no conspiracy.

Former Harrods Head of Security, Bob Loftus, gives evidence of the lengths Mohammed Fayed went to court Princess Diana as part of his efforts to ingratiate himself with the British establishment and expand his sphere of influence.

When the opportunity presented itself of Diana joining Fayed’s inner circle, his former brother-in-law, Adnan Khashoggi, explains that the purchase of a $20 million boat was merely to impress and seduce her.