Bloodlines Final Cut




Taking on the New World Order Elite and exposing them in 10 minutes is no easy task, but filmmaker Nick Danger does it rather well with his new Internet release, “Bloodlines Final Cut”.

In a simple, yet unorthodox and artistic manner, Danger uses mostly text to explain the origins of our presidency’s long and complex history with the Illuminati and why they inflict disaster after bloody disaster in order to stealthily bring in a one world government to rule the world. The short film uses mostly images and video clips to illustrate how the Illuminati work and how they intend to achieve their ultimate goal through dialectic chaos. Image after image, clip after clip, the short film takes us through occultic symbols, the Illuminati family tree of elite rulers (including American Presidents), the media’s mass mind control, 9/11, and so much more.

Bloodlines Final Cut attempts to simply rip the grey veil from the mass public’s eyes and expose them to the elite’s formula for getting what they want: Dialectic Chaos, and how it is used against them, right before their very eyes. Danger’s website “” attempts to do something very dangerous indeed to the New World Order Elite: bring them down, and Bloodlines Final Cut will help if enough people see it.